Our Clients

Our clients represent a wide variety of business needs, from non-profit to enterprise websites. All are made with a mobile-first mentality. Note that live site previews will take a few moments to load depending on your connection speed.

Fieldon Baptist Church

A long-term support system that acts as a custom CMS to dynamically track and display informational church data.

JB's Smartphone Repair

This website was a ground-up redesign of the client's original Google Sites website. The client was displeased that the Google site was not cross-browser or mobile-friendly. They desired a more contemporary and refined look to convey professionalism.

It was transferred to a fresh Weebly account to allow the client to have an easy interface to modify website content. The HTML and LESS/CSS of the theme was extended with custom code that allowed sticky nav transparancy as well as immediate links for auto phone-dialing and emailing.

Building Student Writers

Currently a work-in-progress. The initial website, requested to be on the Wordpress CMS platform. A customization was made to include contact information and add a sticky header to the given theme. The logo was adjusted to work horizontally for legibility purposes.