Terms and Conditions

Our End-User License Agreement containing Terms and Conditions that apply to all our products and services!

Our Jargon

We, Our, Us, and other similar terms denote Quantum Apps. You, Your, and other related terms denote you, the customer / client.

Good, Product, Website, and other terms denote the actual website delivered to the client. Service refers to recurring tasks such as routine maintenance, extensions, and updates of a website / webservice.

Privacy Policy

We do not use any information of yours other than basic account (billing and contact) information. We will not relay, sell, give, or redistribute this information about you or your organization without written permission via paper, fax, text, or email directly from you. The main channels for notifying you will be through email.

The product we deliver, including the source code and markup, are built upon an open standard (as are all HTML-based websites). Thus the code of your website cannot be hidden on a client-side web browser. Obfuscation of the code is possible but will not hide the underlying functionality of the code. Ultimately it wastes time and money with little gain. Thus any product or service is not covered by our privacy policy, unlike the the above account information which is covered.

Intellectual Property

You do not own any content on the website except for data/information that you directly provide, such as logos, pricing, long text, and photos.

The markup and backend of the website is the intellectual property of Joshua Spann.

End-User Liscense Agreement

Grant & Use

You may use a static website product for displaying info about your company. The product cannot be resold, shared or listed as your own developed product/service for commercial gains. You may only have 1 active site & 1 backup that you may hold at any given time. The backup does not include any backups that we provide.

Other Terms and Conditions

Reverse Engineering & Modifications

The product cannot be reverse-engineered or modified unless there are updates to your content on the html pages. Reverse-engineering will result in cancellation of any services and no support for product updates. All other terms, support, or warranty will be voided without any financial returns to you.

Updates & Maintenence

Unless specified and signed in writing or an additional contract, you will not receive any form of product maintenance. All maintenance is your responsibility unless you pay us to do so for you.

Separation of Components

You can't take any parts of the product and use them in other apps, unless the part is directly intertwined with the functionality of the product (you have an entry form that you would like to embed on another website in an iframe.


If you are found in violation of any part of this agreement, any services or works in progress are cancelled and you're on your own. All terms are voided and there will be no fiscal returns or compensation made to you.

Liscense to Display Product

You agree to grant us a royalty-free license which allows us to display your delivered product through a link, iframe, image, or any other embeddable method. Only the frontend of any live product will be made visible, and in no way will any login information be compromised. These will be displayed via the Our Clients page and through the resumes of the product developers for informative purposes.

For web portals and backend applications only an image may be displayed with a hyperlink to the product's external interface. No sensitive, secret, account, or relative login information will be displayed and will be obfuscated for security purposes.

If you wish to not have your site displayed, you may send a letter, email, or text message to us stating that you want to opt-out of granting us such a license. It is preferred you specify this to us before deployment.


We are not liable for any damages or problems that arise as a side-effect of using our products. If your product visibly fails or encounters issues within 30 days of official deployment, we can provide a final development backup upon request. A development backup can be provided as a personal backup on-request, by you, within the first 60 days from deployment.

Limitations & Liability

The product is provided AS-IS with no warranty written or implied. You agree that we are not liable for any damages or data loss, whether physical, financial, or through any other forms of damage due to using our products and services. Unless expressly consented in written form by us, we are not responsible for any problems or issues post-deployment.