Quantum Web Services

Quality, responsive, tailored to your needs. Websites ranging from simple to advanced and extended web services to let you focus on what matters most: your organization! All quotes include any sub-fees when given.

Static Websites

A static website is a content display website that has all data hard-coded into the webpages. All changes are made manually and there is no support for user input. Static websites are the most affordable bundle to purchase, but are also the most maintenance.

A listing of static website providers we support is as follows:

Static Site Packages

We provide the following options for static webistes:

Please note that all mentioned fees are not including on-site consultation and support fees, which vary by package.

Dynamic Websites

Unlike static websites, dynamic websites allow real-time generation of page content and support user input through forms and fields. Data is generally stored in a raw format, usually in a database. The database is then called to fill out templates that become your website.

A listing of dynamic website providers we support:

  • HostGator
  • GoDaddy
  • Digital Ocean
  • Wordpress

A listing of dynamic website languages we provide:

  • PHP
  • Python
  • SQL

Dynamic Site Packages

Our options for dynamic sites vary with the needs of each independent client; all options require payment. Our general packages are:

  • Freelance - We provide you with a one-time web app, domain registration, and deployment but without any support for a one-time cost
  • Continuous Support - We will service, maintain/update your new web app, for monthly fees

Enterprise Web Platforms

Enterprise websites often consist of more than just dynamic content, they support complex end-user interactions up to a detailed, enterprise level. Common types are CRM, E-Commerce, and CMS websites. We support a few proprietary and open-source platforms.

Enterprise web platforms we manage and support: